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100 levels, 1 OOKiverse

Jump right into a magical world of colour in this stunning Match 3 OOKSOME adventure! 

Touch and swipe to move 3 in a row as you relax and unwind in Groaning Oaks, dive into the Ocean of Whale Drool or even grab some candy treats in Dessert Desert! With over 100 levels to discover there are so many worlds to unlock. 


  • Explore the Magical OOKiverse Map and see what everyone is getting up to.

  • Get all the Stars

  • Collect  all the Books

  • Get all the ingredients for Cook-OOK

  • Squash Baron Blots Ink Blots

  • Play with music on or off.

  • Play without Wifi.


Free to download and play the first ten levels, with no ads. You have the option to unlock the full game by making a one time only purchase.

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We believe safety should come first when your children are using apps. OOKS offers parents peace of mind, knowing that their child is having fun and being creative in our safe, ad-free apps.


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