Learning through Play, 6 Games in 1.


Learning is Fun with OOKS Toy Box. Discover 6 OOKsome games in 1 bumper sized app. From Puzzles to memory games, to building a tower of cats, whales and even unicorns. There is something for everyone in OOKS Toy Box.


Skelet-OOK’s Critter Tower

Skelet-OOK is more than just bones, he has strength and power, let’s see how high you can build his Critter Tower. 


Brainy-OOK’S Memory Game

Not all of these images are the same, find the matching pairs to win the game!


Disc-OOK’s Slider Puzzle

This game has Disc-OOK all in a fuddle, tap or slide the tiles to help her solve these puzzles.


OOKLAFS’ Word Search

Help OOKLAF find all the words, all his favourite StoryStuff. But don’t be surprised if you find it a little tough.


Delici-OOK’s Hidden Objects

Delici-OOK needs your help, this will test your vision, can you find all the Critters and objects that are hidden?


Baron Blot’s Tic Tac Toe

Defeat Baron Blot, your Inky Foe, by being the first to get 3 pieces in a row. 

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We believe safety should come first when your children are using apps. OOKS offers parents peace of mind, knowing that their child is having fun and being creative in our safe, ad-free apps.


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