An OOK is a book. 

An OOK is a book filled with StoryStuff that is brought to life with a blast of magic from OOKLAF's staff. They live in the OOKiverse, a magical place full of fun and adventure where anything is possible.

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OOKLAF is a Wizard who has lived in the OOKiverse before OOKS even exisited. With Some StoryStuff and a wave of his magic staff, OOKLAF can bring an OOK to life. Keeping them under control? That's the difficult part. 


A genius scientist and inventor, Brainy-OOK is the smartest OOK in the OOKiverse. He came from an adventure OOKlaf had that took him to the moon. He loves to create new gadgets and gizmos as well as go on adventures with the other OOKS.


Disc-OOK loves to dance and sing, in fact, it's her solution to everything. She is full of energy and loves to laugh and smile but when she gets bored you see her mischievous side. A song in her heart and a disco ball on her belly.


The resident bossy chef at OOKS HQ,  Cook-OOK thinks he is the best cook in the OOKiverse. He’s definitely the most creative!  Some of his specialities include fried egg on trifle floating, bellybutton fluff and rock stew and top it off with some Curry Ice-cream with twigs. His kitchen is his palace. 



Delici-OOK is the sweetest little OOK! There is nothing she likes more than a good adventure story followed by  a big bowl of ice-cream with sprinkles and a cherry on top. 


Skelet-OOK is a little mischief maker and loves to play pranks and scare people with spooky stories ,even though he usually ends up scaring himself. He is surprisingly strong and loves to help OOKLAF anytime he can.


The evil Baron Blot is a big old Grumpy guts. Once friends with OOKLAF, they had a big fight and have been enemies ever since. He lives in his Inky Lair on the banks of the Inky River where he plots and schemes and spends the day ordering his Ink Blots around. 

Baron Blot

Baron Blot's Ink Blots. 

They might not be the smartest, but they love Baron Blot and would do anything he asks... just not very well.

They sometimes get squashed on missions, or forget what Baron Blot ordered them to do but they always somehow manage to have some fun along the way.  Secretly they love adventures and Stories, but they would never tell Baron Blot that!

Ink Blots


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

There are so many Critters in the OOKiverse. Unicorns, Cats, Dogs and even Zombie Cupcakes.

Scroll through the Critter Slider and find your favourite. 





Storystuff can be anything you put into or find in a book! It can be a person, place, colour, emotion, or a thing. It is anything that makes up a story.

If you meet a pirate on your adventures, and then write about them in your book, the OOK the book turns into might have an eye patch!

If you meet a whale covered in jewels, the OOK might have a golden whale tail!

Or if you journey to the Orange Soda Falls, the OOK might have orange patterns!

The stories you tell in your books will shape your OOKS too! You can create your own OOK and Story  by clicking on the book StoryStuff icon.

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