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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Classic OOKS
NFT Collection

CLASSIC OOKS NFTs are a collection of unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum



Each Classic OOK is composed of a number of StoryStuff Tokens. StoryStuff is the in-game utility token in OOKSworld our upcoming MMO set in the Metaverse. 

A CLASSIC OOKS NFT comes with utility and grants access to members-only benefits, such as a 3D playable character and entry to OOKSworld.


In OOKSworld, a wicked spell has been cast, and the OOKS have lost their StoryStuff. They need your help to find their StoryStuff and save the day.


Will you be the first player to find your OOKS lost StoryStuff to fill your book and win the game? But be careful the BLOTS are determined to stop you!

It's what all books are made of


The OOKS book creator app lets you make your very own

personalised OOKS storybook. Create your OOK, choose the path of the story and even include your own drawings. 


Jump right into an epic world of colour in this non-stop Match 3 OOKSOME adventure!


Learning is Fun with OOKS, from Puzzle, Word and Memory Games to building Critter Towers.


Race through the OOKiverse and find all the StoryStuff before the ink blots get them.

OOKS selection of Characters

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